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Product Code TP-702NS
Product Name TP-702NS
Product Description
The TP-702NS is a fully automatic strapping machine. With its high speed strapping, it can be integrated into most production lines and be utilized with various applications.

High speed strapping machine for single and parallel strapping
Capacity up to 42 bundle/minute for single strapping
Siemens PLC control and HMI

More Features

 Automatic tension control for various bundle dimensions (patents registered)
 Dual pneumatic press
 Up and down stream interlock with complete plug connection
 Fully automatic operation with variable conveyor speed
 Strap end ejector
 Adjustable table height between 800 mm and 900 mm
 Auto strap ejector


 Energy saving transit with auto sleep mode
 Light tree alarm with low strap sensor (triple lamp)
 Soft press for convex bundle
 Lower adjustable table height with movable casters (730 mm – 830 mm)
 Automatic side squaring
 Reverse bundle flow
 Low volume bundle bypass
 Movable casters (picture shown with this option)
 Lever switch for bundle with wrapping
 Auxiliary equipment: N-AC accmulating cnveyor for strapping line integration

Technical Data

Capacity  Single strapping up to 42 bundle/minute
Double strapping up to 24 bundle/minute

Bundle Weight  max 25 kg
Strap Width  5 mm, 6 mm, or 9 mm PP strap
Strap Tension  1-32 kg
Strap Coil  200 mm (150 mm optional)
Electrical Requirements  220V, 380V, 400V50/60 Hz3PH
Net Weight  430 Kg